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The firm specializes in tax consultancy, both nationally and internationally. Our main areas of intervention are:

GG|LP Tax & Legal has solid experience in this area, which involves the application of direct and indirect taxes to businesses, including their impact on criteria for drafting financial statements and the formation of business contracts.

GG|LP Tax & Legal offers its clients expert consulting on international and EU tax law for both Italian groups with foreign corporate headquarters and for foreign multinationals located in Italy.

GG|LP Tax & Legal offers advice on transfers of tax residence from or to Italy. Assistance on the tax ramifications of the acquisition of residential property and other investments in Italy and abroad, including art work, aircraft and vessels.

GG|LP Tax & Legal provides global assistance in the fiscal aspects of real estate transactions, such as acquisitions/sales of shareholdings in real estate companies, acquisitions/sales of real estate assets, establishment of real estate mutual investment funds and listed real estate investment companies (REIC), transfer of individual assets, and complex reorganizations.

GG|LP Tax & Legal handles specific tax problems related to medium- and long-term debit transactions and to transactions involving structured finance, syndication, debt restructuring, and financial instruments.

GG|LP Tax & Legal has extensive solid experience in taxation related to electrical energy, natural gas, and oil that covers all tax aspects (Ires, Irap, Robin Hood Tax, VAT, excise, customs duties, ICI/IMU, tax on emissions of SO2 and NOx) for enterprises in the sector. This includes, for example, the construction and management of plants which produce electrical energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources, commodities trading, both physical and through derivative instruments traded over the counter or on Italian or foreign regulated markets, fuel storage, procurement of electrical energy and natural gas by major consumers through virtual interconnector or virtual storage systems, etc.

The firm’s activity includes ordinary and extraordinary consulting, assistance with the Italian Revenue Agency, and legal representation at all jurisdictional levels.

GG|LP Tax & Legal offers its tax advice with reference to individual artistic performance in Italy and abroad or corporate art collection of italian and foreign company.

GG|LP Tax & Legal offers advice on corporate tax and group tax issues, including matters specific to IAS/IFRS adopters and banking, financial and insurance institutions. Assistance on special tax regimes, including those relating to intellectual property and cooperative compliance programs.

GG|LP Tax & Legal offers consulting on determining the proper methods of applying VAT in domestic and international transactions.
In particular, the firm assists its clients in interpreting provisions in effect in Italy and in the European Community, assists Italian companies that intend to operate abroad and foreign companies that intend to operate in Italy in determining the relative VAT obligations, offers assistance in requests for reimbursement, and generally offers consulting on any recurring or non-recurring issue that may be relevant for purposes of the tax.

GG|LP Tax & Legal offers its advice in order to registration tax and other indirect taxes (i.e. gift and inheritance tax; mortgage and cadastral tax), with reference to the individuals and companies both.

GG|LP Tax & Legal offers detailed assistance in all procedures involving requests for tax rulings with the financial administration, handling all aspects in this regard, including relationships with that administration.

GG|LP Tax & Legal offers expert assistance and representation in the area of extrajudicial and pre-litigation procedures before tax authorities and in proceedings before tax courts, the Court of Cassation, and the Constitutional Court. It also offers assistance in filing petitions with the courts of the European Community on tax matters related to the application of Community laws.

GG|LP Tax & Legal is able to supports its clients in order to filing the tax ruling, with the scope to allow them to benefit of the tax incentives with reference to the following immaterial supplies:

a) Software;
b) Patents;
c) Drawings and models;
d) Processes,


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