Everest (Confine tra Cina e Nepal)

Thanks to its “corporate focus team”, the Firm is able to assist national and multinational companies in all internal and external processes of development and consolidation in the reference market.

The firm provides comprehensive assistance in all issues related to the management and development of businesses, including choice of the best corporate structure and analysis of sepcific aspets of corporate governance, also in the framework of estate planning and generational transition. The team has a well-established experience in drafting and negotiating complex commercial agreements, both domestic and cross-border, in several sectors. The advisory activity ranges from the drafting of specific contractual clauses to assistance in strategic commercial transactions.

GG|LP Tax & Legal specialises in providing assistance, advice and defence, both in and out-of-court, in all kinds of disputes that may arise during the insolvency process, including the action normally taken during these proceedings (e.g. actions for damages, actions to void, opposition to the sum of liabilities, allocation of liability vis-à-vis management and supervisory bodies, as well as towards third parties that have contributed to the cause and aggravated the failure of the company).

GG|LP Tax & Legal also assists consumer or infallible debtors in crisis settlement procedures caused by over-indebtedness.

In this field, GG|LP Tax & Legal also guarantees all-round assistance, ranging from technical defence during procedures, to the putting together of an action plan and assistance in the treatment of tax debts.

GG|LP Tax & Legal provides assistance in the preparation of banking and financial contracts, bank and interbank conventions and moratorium agreements, letters of credit and sureties in private equity and project financing operations with reference to corporate questions, funding of medium-term loans, personal and real property leasing and factoring, from the construction of a single operation to the potential litigation phase and any restructuring of bad debt, both in and out of court.

In court proceedings, we manage banking litigation, assisting leading banks and companies as well as private citizens in disputes concerning compound interest, usury and financial instruments.


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